How to prepare for an audition

July 12, 2016


Most of an actors time is spent submitting for jobs. When you get an audition do you really do yourself justice? Here are a few friendly tips to help you make a good impression in the audition room.

First off, preparation is key. One of my favorite acting teachers gave me this advice about auditioning: Take is seriously, actors audition for their reputation. The people in the room; casting director, producer, director; they will remember the very good auditions, and the very bad ones. The middle all blend.


1) Prepare. Read the script. this will help you make the best character discussions- informed ones!


Work through the arc of your character, what you say about yourself, what others say about you.


2) Work out the moment before the scene starts, come in with an understanding of this so the scene doesn't stand alone.


3) Try to be as familiar as possible with the lines. You don't have to be off book completely, but the words shouldn't be an issue that takes you and your audience (or casting director, director etc) out of the scene. I guarantee other actors will have learnt their lines.


4) Bring a headshot and resume. It's not necessary for every audition, but theater auditions in particular- the director and creative team will rely heavily on your resume if they don't know your work already.


5) Know when the callbacks will be and be available on that date. If you can't be there, the job may go to someone else.


6) Don't doubt yourself. Go into the room with homework done, and you will have strong choices to work with.


7) Listen to the direction. If the director works with you during the audition, it doesn't mean they didn't like your point of view, they may just want to see you do something different. Sometimes they want to see if you can take direction.


8) Don't judge the audition afterwards. You don't know what the room is looking for, or whether they liked you. So don't worry about it! let it go!

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