Submitting: Hard Copy vs Electronic

May 9, 2016

When should you use a hard copy submission and when should you go with electronic? Should you do both? This weeks blog is focused on submission formats.

It all depends on what you are submitting for.

Commercial/print/music videos work like this- a job comes into a casting director, they release the breakdown and it's cast in 2-4 days. All Cast. As in auditions, callbacks, and cast.

Theatre- jobs tend to be in a casting directors calendar for months, as theaters plan their entire season in advance.

TV/Film- casting can last from weeks to months, especially for pilot season, when they try to work out the jigsaw puzzle of ensemble casts.

As a consequence, to be considered, commercials/print should be electronic submissions.

Use websites like,,,

Theatre and film/TV are a mix of electronic and hard copy submissions.

Here is what I recommend:

- Check audition dates. All breakdowns should have the casting dates included. Is it still relevant to apply?

- Do NOT send unsolicited submissions via Fed Ex, Express Mail or any other way but the mail. It breaks my heart when an actor spends $20 on a sending a single submission, it doesn't make the submission any stronger.

-Include a cover letter that mentions what role you would like to be considered for. If your resume speaks for itself you can keep the note brief, i.e you have training, you have roles that are relevant to the role you are submitting for (i.e. Shakespeare credits help with a Shakespeare job).  If your resume is a little light, write a letter. Outline your experience to date, your teachers (if you have any), your passion.

Most union jobs (both SAG-AFTRA and AEA) are released privately to agents on Breakdown Express, the sister website to Actors Access. You can not access them unless you are an industry professional, i.e a talent agent, manager or casting director. Union theatre breakdowns will be released on and in BackStage (in accordance to union regulations) but TV and Film casting is rarely released to the public at all.

General Submission note-

I repeat this all the time, and will do until everyone has the message!

Do not cold call a casting office! We are busy people and bottom line, it's very not professional!!!



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